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Portland: Primed to Emulate the Copenhagen Model

Copenhagen: a Green, Smart and Carbon Neutral City and Portland, Maine: a Great Place to Start Denmark aspires to be a green growth economy independent of fossil fuels by 2050. To do so, Denmark incentivizes renewable and conservation activities and purchases … Continue reading

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Sustainable Zero-Energy Buildings

According to Denmark’s State of Green, 40% of Denmark’s CO2 emissions come from buildings and with the use of existing technologies it is possible that the renovation of existing buildings and the construction of energy-efficient new buildings could reduce energy … Continue reading

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Collaboration in Denmark: Working Towards Common Goals

Government collaboration In the United States, the political parties typically attempt to distinguish themselves from one another by offering strongly opposing views.  Instead of trying to find areas of agreement, they find areas of disagreement to brand themselves or their … Continue reading

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“Green Mobility” – Would it be effective in Maine?

As you navigate through the city of Copenhagen, you notice bikes and public transportation everywhere. Yes, there are cars but nothing like the amount of cars you see traveling through the city of Portland, Maine. It is faster to use … Continue reading

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Offshore Wind Farms: Not Just for the Danes Anymore

One of the most interesting visits on our tour of energy was the trip to E-On. E-On is a German energy company that positions themselves strategically in the markets of renewable energy. To be more specific, they take a particular … Continue reading

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Collaborative Efforts, Market Development…then Competition?

I know that the title statement may seem a little strange to many who read it but that is in fact the way the Danes think. This couldn’t have been represented any better by our visit to the Danish Partnership … Continue reading

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District Heating – Is it viable in Maine?

On the second day of touring businesses in Denmark, we visited Frederiksberg Forsyning. Frederiksberg Forsyning (Supply) operates four public utility services, including: district heating supply, water supply, gas supply, and waste water. Focusing on the district heating aspect of their … Continue reading

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Denmark 2013: Energy independence and sustainability As we

Denmark 2013: Energy independence and sustainability As we descend on the Copenhagen Airport, a series of small rotating flecks of white appear against the vast blue oceanic backdrop.  After traveling through the night, these flecks are a welcoming sight, indicating … Continue reading

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Energy, Consumerism, and Planned Communities

As in most cities worldwide, Copenhagen has limited space and a growing population. Copenhagen is expected to grow by 100,000 inhabitants by 2025, increasing the population from 537,000 to 637,000. The City of Copenhagen expects that the families and young … Continue reading

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Solutions for Sustainable Cities; One of Copenhagen’s Intriguing Initiatives

The city of Copenhagen has initiated “Solutions for Sustainable Cities” in partnership with the State of Green organization. The 12 solutions (and the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality) are what led to the city being named 2014 European Green Capital. … Continue reading

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Denmark’s State of Green Sustainability Initiatives

Denmark Trip 2013: USM MBA 612                         Denmark’s State of Green Sustainability Initiatives Denmark is leading the world in the transition toward a green growth economy. As one of 11 MBA students from the University of Southern Maine, in Denmark … Continue reading

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The City of Copenhagen and Its Bold Plan

On our first full day of study (5/13/13), the USM MBA Denmark Energy Study Tour had the privilege of a meeting with the City of Copenhagen. With an urban population of approximately 1.2 million (approx. 560k in the city center), … Continue reading

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